2019 Road Trip: Part 3

D A Y 3 - A U S T I N

Day 3 was a heavy hitter in all the best ways. Austin always feels a little bit like a second home, it holds some of our closest shop friends and as much as we may not necessarily agree with the moniker of “Little Austin”, we can’t help but see the similarities between our state’s capital and Denton. 

We started early from Bryan/College Station, eager for breakfast in Austin (I’ve easily had 2 of my top 5 favorite meals in ATX). We decided to explore more of East Austin this trip, stopping at Hillside Farmacy. In what used to be an operating drugstore in the 50s, Hillside now resides in a building owned by one of the oldest standing African American East Austin residents.  It was the type of breakfast that was extremely delicious and kept us full for hours in such a beautiful space.


A few doors down from Hillside was our first shop stop, Take Heart. Full disclosure, partnering with Nina felt a little like a dream come true. Her shop has been a must-visit for years! She has worked so hard to create a dreamy, modern, highly curated shop with a crystal clear voice and their new space is beautiful! We are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to make new connections with other shops in Texas (more on this later).


Day 3 travels in 100 degree weather called for some midday caffeine so we stopped at Greater Goods Coffee to refuel, cool down, and talk shop for a bit.


Our next stop was our dear friend and East Austin staple, The Paper + Craft Pantry. Pei has done a stellar job of creating a space where all your stationery dreams come true! They have a large selection of writing utensils (we spent more time testing pens than we’d actually like to admit) and upscale deskwares. They also offer a vast array of workshops and will always welcome you with a warm smile. Pei continues to inspire us and The Paper + Craft Pantry is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Austin.


Trying our best to stay on schedule, we made our way to downtown Austin. There’s absolutely no way we come to town and skip an opportunity to see Lizelle and our friends at Parts & Labour. Our relationship with P&L is actually what sparked the idea to start this whole Road Trip; they traveled up to Denton a couple years ago and we made forever friends! Stopping into their store always feels a little like coming home (I grew up in San Antonio and have loved Austin since I was a teenager). Parts & Labour has been a shop of local Texas makers on South Congress since 2004 and they have stuck to their guns with a ton of integrity and a consistent voice. They embody everything people love about Classic Austin, including us!


Closing out the day, we managed to maneuver our way around traffic with some quick thinking and Google Maps to make our way towards new friends and a hidden gem in north Austin, Slow North. Known for their essential oil candles that are handmade in house, Slow North is a mix of well loved national brands along with regional and local makers! They have everything you could ever need to pamper yourself and if you haven’t visited their store, you will not be disappointed with their offerings.